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Students may protest decisions relating to their academic studies. In this event, the student should first consult the faculty member directly involved in the decision. If satisfactory resolution is not forthcoming at this point, the appeal process should continue, with a written request of appeal to the head of the program.

When the protest relates to a decision in a design studio, the program head establishes an appeal committee to hear the case. The appeal would only be heard if it is initiated within thirty days from the time the decision has been communicated to the student, whether it be by letter or by posting on the Student Service Centre.

If the matter has not reached satisfactory resolution, the student would then contact the following sequence of individuals as necessary: the Director of SALA, the Dean of Applied Science, and finally the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Any change of grade must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Normally resolution can be achieved through the above processes. However, the following additional procedures are in place:

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