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Dean's Office
K. Harrison, Acting Dean
S. Burk, Associate Dean, Academic
S. Assanand, Associate Dean, Student Success
G. Creese, Acting Associate Dean, Faculty and Equity
M. Evenden, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
R. Ahmed, Associate Dean, Communications and Innovation
L. Fields, Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Engagement
B. Lee, Assistant Dean, Finance
G. Vanderwoude, Assistant Dean, Facilities and Human Resources
Buchanan A240-1866 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Telephone: 604.822.3828
Fax: 604.822.6096
Faculty of Arts (www.arts.ubc.ca)

The Faculty of Arts, through its schools, departments, and institutes, offers undergraduate programs leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of International Economics, Bachelor of Media Studies, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Social Work. In addition, the Faculty offers a Dual Degree Program option for a Bachelor of Arts from UBC and Sciences Po. The Faculty also offers Diplomas in Applied Creative Non-Fiction, Linguistics, Art History, and Film Production, and the Certificate in Theatre Design and Technology. For information on the Bachelor of Music see the School of Music. The bachelor program for Social Work is described in the School of Social Work. For information about the Bachelor of International Economics see the Vancouver School of Economics (www.economics.ubc.ca/). For information on the dual degree see UBC Arts/Sciences Po Dual Degree.

The Faculty also offers graduate programs leading to degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Archival Studies, Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Journalism, Master of Library and Information Studies, Master of Music, Master of Social Work, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Musical Arts. See the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies the School of Journalism for further details. See the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies for programs leading to the Master of Archival Studies and the Master of Library and Information Studies.

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