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The Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies offers a Minor in Russian. In addition, a fairly wide range of courses may be available in Russian and East European literatures and in the Ukrainian language. Several courses are offered in Slavic literatures in translation, requiring no knowledge of a Slavic language. An introductory course in Russian and Slavic cultures is also available.

Courses that may be offered include:

Literature courses in translation are designed for students who are interested in broadening their knowledge of literature. They are especially recommended for students majoring or honouring in Language and Literature departments, History, Political Science, Anthropology, Modern European Studies, Sociology, and Art History, Visual Art and Theory, but are also open to students from all other programs. These courses are of special interest to students planning to pursue literary and gender studies of a comparative nature.

Minor in Russian

Lower-Level Requirements

Upper-Level Requirements

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