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See Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies for courses in Scandinavian languages, including Swedish and Danish.

Minor in Scandinavian Studies

The Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (cenes.ubc.ca/) offers a minor program in Scandinavian Studies made up of a lower-level language and an upper-level literature and culture component.

Language Component

All students must complete 12 credits of lower-level language instruction. They may choose either two years of Swedish (SWED 100, 110, 200, 210), or two years of Danish (DANI 100, 110, 200, 210).

Literature and Culture Component

In addition to the lower-level language component, students must complete 18 upper-level literature and culture credits taken from the following courses:

In consultation with the Scandinavian Undergraduate Advisor, students may replace one of the upper-level courses (i.e., 3 credits) with a social science or history course with a strong Scandinavian component.

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