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United States Studies (www.arts.ubc.ca/students/degree-planning-advising/programs-in-arts/program-pages/us-studies.html) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program administered by the Department of Political Science. In consultation with a program advisor, students may complete a major or a minor in the program. The participating departments are Political Science, History, and Economics.

Major in United States Studies

Please consult the United States Studies website (www.usstudies.arts.ubc.ca/Program_Requirements.5408.0.html) for up-to-date information on the requirements for the U.S. Studies Major.

First and Second Years
ECON 101/102 6
HIST 237 3
POLI 220 3

Upper-Level Courses (30 credits)

Thirty upper-division credits in courses designated as eligible for inclusion in a US Studies major or minor.

May include:

Please visit US Studies (www.usstudies.arts.ubc.ca/Program_Requirements.5408.0.html) for a partial list of eligible courses. Other courses with US content may be eligible, subject to program approval.

Senior Seminar

All students must take at least one 3-credit senior seminar designated as part of the US Studies program. These seminars will usually be offered in History or Political Science. Other departments may offer seminars, from time to time, that may be counted in the Program. Please consult the United States Studies program advisor about seminar offerings in other Departments.

Minor in United States Studies

A Minor consists of at least 30 credits, but not more than 42 credits. At least 9 credits must be selected from ECON 101/102(6), HIST 237(6), POLI 220(3). At least 18 credits chosen from the courses listed for the Major in United States Studies that are numbered 300 or higher. Students should make careful note of prerequisite requirements for courses numbered 300 or higher.

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