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Minor in African Studies

African Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Africa, as well as the African diaspora. Students take 6 credits of core courses (AFST 250 and either AFST 351 or 352) and select an additional 18 credits from courses with African content in a wide range of disciplines such as History, Literature, Music, Anthropology, Economics, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Justice, Environmental Systems, and Land and Food Systems. A list of approved courses available for credit towards the minor (which changes annually), as well as further information on core courses and instructors, can be found on the African Studies (www.africanstudies.arts.ubc.ca) website.

Lower-level requirements

Students must take 6 credits of 100- and/or 200-level courses, including:

Upper-level requirements

Students must take 18 credits of 300- and/or 400-level courses, including:

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