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The Law and Society (laso.arts.ubc.ca) Minor is a multi-disciplinary program, situating the study of legal structures, rules, and institutions within their full social, historical, economic, and political contexts.

Students undertaking the Minor must complete a program advising form with the Law and Society Advisor at the beginning of the term in which they enrol in LASO 204. Please see Law and Society (laso.arts.ubc.ca) for more information, including the names of advisors and affiliated faculty.

Minor in Law and Society

Students may declare a Minor in Law and Society after completing at least 27 credits.

The Minor comprises LASO 204, 9 additional lower-level credits, and at least 18 credits from upper-level LASO courses and courses from other subject areas, as approved by the Law and Society Advisor, including those set out below.

Please note: Students must ensure that they have prerequisites for courses they plan to take for the Minor.

Lower-level Requirements

Upper-level Requirements

A minimum of 18 credits from the following, no more than 12 of which may be in the same subject area:

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