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Minor in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies

A multi-disciplinary program exploring the history, culture, and contemporary development of Asian communities in Canada, and Asian migrations outside of Asia.

The minor is comprised of 18 credits of approved courses, at least 9 credits of which must be from the program's primary courses (List A). The rest of the credits may be obtained from the Approved Course List (List A and/or List B). List A consists of courses offered by the program’s affiliated faculty with a strong focus on critical issues and methodologies specific to the field of Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies while List B offers a wider range of courses across disciplines that might help to supplement and extend students’ research and learning interests.

Enrolment in the minor is encouraged as a means to enrich existing majors in Asian Studies, English, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, Geography, History, Sociology, and other Arts majors. Non-Arts degree majors should be aware of the prerequisites for 300 and 400 level courses that will count towards requirements of the minor.

Students may visit the program website (acam.arts.ubc.ca) for the Approved Course List and additional information. Interested students are advised to meet with the program director while registered in second year to discuss and outline a plan to meet program-specific requirements.

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