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Students are reminded that they are subject to the University’s regulations regarding Student Conduct during Examinations, and that their work may be subject to Review for Authenticity.

Examination Period and Scheduling

The formal examination periods for the Winter Session are usually held in December and April. Those for Summer Session are usually held in June and August. Enrolment Services schedules examinations and makes the schedule available to students prior to the end of each Term.

Students are responsible for attending their scheduled examinations, and are advised to plan accordingly. They are also strongly advised not to make travel plans prior to the release of the exam schedule as travel plans alone are not sufficient grounds for alternative examination arrangements.

Distance Education Final Exams

Students are advised that some Distance Education courses require students, regardless of their performance on coursework, to pass the final exam in order to pass the course. Consult the course syllabus. For detailed exam scheduling information, see Distance Education (students.ubc.ca/enrolment/courses/distance-education).

Class Testing and Final Exams

Formal in-class tests, including midterms and final exams, are not permitted during the two weeks preceding the formal examination periods of the Winter Session or the single week preceding the formal examination periods of the Summer Session. This restriction does not apply to bi-weekly tests or lab tests. See Use of the Formal Examination Period.

Attendance and Participation

Students who neglect academic coursework or who fail to attend a sufficient number of classes may be barred from writing the final exam. See Academic Regulations.

Supplemental Examinations

The Faculty of Arts does not offer supplemental examinations in any courses.

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