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The Bachelor of Arts is offered as a four-year degree program in the Faculty of Arts. Students may choose to complete programs with honours, major, double major, or major/minor specializations in one or more departments, or may design an interdisciplinary studies program.

The B.A. program features opportunities for study in a diverse array of specializations in the social sciences, creative and performing arts, and humanities. Through these specialized studies, students interact with and participate in the research culture of their chosen discipline(s).

The Faculty of Arts also offers Dual Degree Program Options in which students may simultaneously earn their Bachelor of Arts along with either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Applied Science. A four and one-half year Dual Degree Program Option permitting students to combine a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Master of Management from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (Sauder School of Business) is also available. In addition, the Faculty offers a Dual Degree Program Option in which qualified students may earn, in four years of intensive study, a B.A. from UBC and a B.A. from L’Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po) in France.

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