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The Cognitive Systems (COGS) program provides B.A. and B.Sc. degrees in Cognitive Systems via interdisciplinary studies of perception and cognition, from the perspective of one of the following four streams:

  1. Cognition and the Brain (B.A. or B.Sc., supervised by Psychology)
  2. Language (B.A., supervised by Linguistics)
  3. Mind, Language, and Computation (B.A., supervised by Philosophy)
  4. Computational Intelligence and Design (B.Sc., supervised by Computer Science)

The program equips students with the background competence needed to pursue further studies and careers in cognitive systems and related disciplines.

Students registered in the Faculty of Arts can enrol in the Cognition and Brain stream, the Language stream, or the Mind, Language, and Computation stream. Faculty of Science students can enrol in the Cognition and Brain stream or the Computational Intelligence and Design stream.

All students in the program must take four team-taught, core courses (COGS 200, 300, 401, and 402), as well as background courses in computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. Arts students need Math 12 (Principles of Mathematics) or equivalent in order to enter the background courses in computer science.

Admission to the Program normally occurs at the end of first year for B.Sc. students or second year for B.A. students, and depends on academic performance.

For specific program information about the B.A. and B.Sc. degrees in Cognitive Systems, see the Faculty of Science entries for computer science and psychology and the Faculty of Arts entries for linguistics, philosophy and psychology.

Please visit Cognitive Systems (www.cogsys.ubc.ca) for current information about admission, people, institutions, and events.

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