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The Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (www.cenes.ubc.ca) offers programs of study that lead to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Arts in German.

For information on advanced degrees see graduate Germanic Studies.

The Department offers honours, major, and minor programs in German, and a Minor in Russian Language. For Russian and Slavic Languages and Literature, and Slavic Area Studies, see the relevant sections below.

Courses are offered in German, Scandinavian (including Swedish and Danish), Slavic (including Russian and Polish), Modern European Studies, and Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies.

The Department also collaborates with Integrated Drama; Film Studies; Medieval Studies; Modern European Studies; Religion, Literature and the Arts; and Women's Studies.

Not all courses are given every year. For current offerings, consult the Department (www.cenes.ubc.ca).

The Department provides information on study and work opportunities in Europe for students interested in furthering their language skills and subject area knowledge. Students are encouraged to participate in UBC's exchange programs as a part of their program of study.

Major, Honours, and Minor in German

See German.

Minor in Russian

See Russian and Slavic Languages and Literatures.

Minor in Scandinavian Studies

See Scandinavian Studies.

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