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Students intending to specialize in Medieval Studies (medieval.arts.ubc.ca) may do so either by taking an interdisciplinary major program in Medieval Studies, or by completing a major program in a particular department of the Faculty of Arts, with outside electives taken from the courses listed below. The Committee for Medieval Studies prepares an annual brochure offering guidance on the program and individual course offerings, available online at the Medieval Studies website (medieval.arts.ubc.ca/) and from the Medieval Studies advisor, as well as from the departments of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (www.cnrs.ubc.ca), French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies (www.fhis.ubc.ca), English (www.english.ubc.ca), and History (www.history.ubc.ca). For permission to arrange their program students must consult the Medieval Studies advisor.

Major in Medieval Studies

The interdisciplinary major program consists of at least 42.

Lower Level Requirements

Students must complete at least 12 credits of lower level courses

1Students should also develop the appropriate language skills as soon as possible.

Upper Level Requirements

Students must complete at least 30 credits of courses numbered 300 or above, including:

1Approved elective courses, including those listed below, must be pre-approved by and chosen in consultation with the Medieval Studies advisor. Students should consult with the departments offering these courses and plan their third and fourth years at the same time, as not every course is offered every year and some courses have prerequisites.

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.

Space in many Arts courses is limited. Admission to the Major in Medieval Studies does not provide priority access to required coursework.

Minor in Medieval Studies

A minor in Medieval Studies consists of at least 30 but fewer than 42 credits from courses acceptable for the Medieval Studies major listed above or approved by the Medieval Studies advisor. At least 18 credits must be from courses numbered 300 or above, and at least 6 credits must come from 100- or 200-level courses. MDVL 210 (3) and 310 (3) are required.

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