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Modern European Studies (cenes.ubc.ca/undergraduate/modern-european-studies) is an undergraduate interdisciplinary program administered by the Modern European Studies Steering Committee through the Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies.

For courses offered in a particular year, please visit the Program (cenes.ubc.ca/undergraduate/modern-european-studies), or contact the Chair.

Major in Modern European Studies

Lower-level Requirements

Upper-level Requirements

Students complete at least 30 credits at the upper-level, including:

Language Requirement

Students are required to take 12 credits of a European language other than English, in addition to the Bachelor of Arts language requirement. The language can be the one used to satisfy the Bachelor of Arts language requirement carried to a higher level (with literature courses in that language counting as equivalent), or it can be another language. RMST 478 is also acceptable.

Students are advised to check course listings for prerequisites.

List A

List B

List C

All courses in European literature since the Renaissance, including those in translation, and the following courses:

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