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The Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Visual Art (VISA) offers students a well-rounded program of visual art practice, critical theory and art history.

Upon completion of first- and second-year Visual Art requirements and the accumulation of at least 54 credits, students may request departmental approval to declare a Major or Minor in Visual Art.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants must meet the admission requirements of the University and the Visual Art program (ahva.ubc.ca/undergraduate/visual-art-undergraduate-programs/). Applications to enter UBC are made directly to Enrolment Services. Please see Undergraduate Admissions for details. The program also requires additional materials sent directly to the Department.

Admission to the Major in Visual Art program is at the discretion of the Department.

Once admitted to the University and to the Major, transfer students are required to consult with a Visual Art Departmental Advisor for guidance with course selection (see the Department's website (www.ahva.ubc.ca)).

Major in Visual Art

Requirements of the Faculty of Arts as outlined in the UBC Calendar must also be met throughout the program.

Lower level:

Upper level:

Minor in Visual Art

Students pursuing a Minor in Visual Art are required to receive departmental advising prior to declaring their Minor and beginning third-year courses. Minors in Visual Art are able to take 300- and 400-level VISA courses, but must register through the Department of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory office due to the restricted registration system for these courses.

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