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Please note: Admissions to the Diploma in Applied Creative Non-Fiction have been suspended for the 2019/20 academic year. Please check back or visit Creative Writing (www.creativewriting.ubc.ca) for updated information.

The Creative Writing Program offers the Diploma in Applied Creative Non-Fiction.

Prerequisite and Admission

A bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline, plus some writing experience in creative non-fiction, fiction, or translation. For applicants with significant credentials in the field of creative non-fiction writing, the bachelor's degree requirement may be waived.

Candidates for admission must submit 30 pages of original creative non-fiction (note: newspaper reports or academic essays are not acceptable). Some fiction or translation may be included in the 30 pages.

Two identical copies of the candidate's manuscript must be submitted to the Creative Writing secretary by March 31, 3:30 pm. Manuscript guidelines are listed at Creative Writing (www.creativewriting.ubc.ca). Do not send cassettes, computer discs, or submissions via email or fax, as they will not be accepted. It is recommended that the candidate keep a copy of what is sent.

Course of Study

1Successful completion of CRWR 301 does not automatically result in acceptance into CRWR 405 or 416, due to limited enrolment.

All requirements for the Diploma must be completed within five years of the initial registration in the program. Because of these requirements, students should not anticipate completing the program in less than two years.


Instruction is based on the premise that promising student-authors can benefit from professional criticism and the necessity of producing regularly and meeting deadlines. Workshops, conferences, and tutorials are designed to focus attention upon the student's own work. Reading assignments may be made in the Creative Writing program's magazine of literary non-fiction, Fugue, and in PRISM international, or other relevant journals and books. There are no examinations, and marks are based on the writing done and on participation in workshops throughout the year.

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