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The Department of Linguistics offers the post-baccalaureate Diploma in Linguistics. The Diploma is designed primarily for those intending to apply to a master’s program in linguistics or speech-language pathology or audiology or those intending to apply to second-language teaching programs*. Current language education teachers are also encouraged to apply to the Diploma Program to enhance their knowledge base.

The Diploma in Linguistics provides a rigorous investigation into various linguistics phenomena including grammar, phonology, phonetics and semantics. The program requires 30 credits of course work that can be completed in one year of full-time study, but may be taken part-time and extended over a maximum of five years.

Students who wish to practice as speech-language pathologists or audiologists in Canada or the U.S. must complete an appropriate master’s program. See The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences (www.audiospeech.ubc.ca/) for the required prerequisites for the two-year Master’s program at UBC.

Admission Requirements

Diploma Requirements

The diploma requires 30 credits of course work, including:

Students who wish to be language teachers in the BC school system must complete a program of Initial Teacher Education for elementary or secondary teaching, including teaching methodology courses appropriate to the languages to be taught.

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