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The Certificate in Theatre Design and Technology program offers specialized and intensive professionally oriented study. Instruction is given on a variety of levels, concentrating on the practical aspects of theatre.

The Technology Certificate allows beginning students to take introductory level courses before moving on to more specific areas of practical study and entry level professional development.

The Advanced Technology Certificate allows more experienced students to develop additional skills while encouraging a broader understanding of theatre history and dramaturgy.

The Design Certificate is intended for experienced students or professionals who wish to extend their study at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels.

Courses may be taken individually, or full-time students may complete the certificate as a two-year intensive program.

Students applying to the certificate program from secondary school will have to meet the University minimum admission requirement that demands an average grade of 67% over four courses including English 12. Competition for admission usually means that applicants to degree programs actually require a much higher grade average. Certificate program applicants will not be competing with degree program applicants for admission. Therefore, students who meet the minimum academic requirements but who do not meet the requisite competitive average for admission will still be considered for the certificate program. Students who do not meet the normal requirements, but have pursued theatre-related activities that have contributed to an intellectual maturity may also be accepted on the basis of a Mature student application. In all cases, faculty members in the program will evaluate candidates by means of a diagnostic examination and an interview. An applicant's resumé or portfolio will be of principal importance.

Certificate in Theatre (Technology)

Students take the following 60 credits:

Certificate in Theatre (Advanced Technology)

Students take the following 60 credits:

Certificate in Theatre (Design)

Students take the following 60 credits:

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