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The Faculty actively participates in the formal university-wide exchange programs. Undergraduate students who earn a 70% average over 27 credits in the year prior to their exchange are eligible to travel to one of the international or Canadian exchange partner institutions to study for up to one year. Graduate students are also eligible and can transfer up to 12 credits towards their UBC degree. Interested students should see Alternative Study Options for further information or contact the Faculty directly.

Canadian Exchanges

Opportunities for students exist at the University of Alberta, the University of Quebec, the University of Toronto, and Université Laval. These universities participate with UBC in the Canadian Scholars Exchange Program (CANEX). There are also opportunities for exchange with the University of New Brunswick, which has an exchange agreement with the Faculty.

International Exchanges

UBC's Go Global (students.ubc.ca/about/go-global) offers eligible students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at partner universities throughout the world. Partner universities with programs specific to UBC's Faculty of Forestry include the Universities of the Philippines; Melbourne (Australia); Canterbury (New Zealand); Maine (USA); Wales (UK); Aberdeen (UK), Australia National University; Oregon State University (USA); Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg (Germany); the Instituto Technológico de Costa Rica; and the University of Chile.

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