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Degrees Offered: Ph.D., M.Sc.



A. Adem, O. Angel, R. P. Anstee, N. Balmforth, K. Behrend, M. Bennett, J. Bryan, A. Chau, J. Chen, J. Colliander, D. Coombs, M. Doebeli, J. S. Feldman, J. Feng, A. Fraser, M. Friedlander, J. Friedman, I. Frigaard, R. G. Froese, D. Ghioca, N. Ghoussoub, S. Gustafson, C. Hauert, K. Karu, L. Keshet, Y. H. Kim, I. Laba, Y-X. Li, P. D. Loewen, B. Marcus, G. Martin, A. Peirce, E. A. Perkins, M. Pramanik, S. Ramdorai, A. Rechnitzer, Z. Reichstein, G. Slade, J. Solymosi, T-P. Tsai, S. van Willigenburg, V. Vatsal, M. Ward, J. Wei, B. Wetton, O. Yilmaz.

Associate Professors

S. Cautis, E. Cytrynbaum, J.Y. Gordon, C. Macdonald, K. W. Nagata, R. Ollivier, L. Silberman, A. Wachs.

Assistant Professors

S. Bachmann, Y. Plan, L. Watson, T. Williams, J. Zahl.

Program Overview

The Department of Mathematics offers programs of study in most branches of pure and applied mathematics. Students should see the Mathematics website for descriptions of courses and of programs as well as information on financial assistance and application forms. Students particularly interested in applied mathematics and/or statistics should also see the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Doctor of Philosophy

Admission Requirements

A master's, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline is prerequisite. Outstanding master's students with one year of study in the master's program who meet the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies transfer requirements may be promoted to the Ph.D. program. Exceptional students may be admitted directly to the doctoral program from the bachelor's level, with approval from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Part-time Doctoral Classification is also available. Students who wish to be classified as part-time must obtain approval from their proposed supervisor and graduate program advisor as part of the admission process.

For detailed information and requirements for degree programs, please see Mathematics (www.math.ubc.ca).

Program Requirements

Although there are few formal course requirements, courses are selected in accordance with the recommendation of the program and the student's supervisory committee. All doctoral students are required to complete a comprehensive examination successfully. The major requirement for the Ph.D. is completion of a research dissertation meeting the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements.

Master of Science

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the M.Sc. degree program normally possess a bachelor's degree in Mathematics or a related area, and must meet the general admission requirements for master's degree programs set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

For detailed information and requirements for degree programs, please see Mathematics (www.math.ubc.ca/).

Program Requirements

The M.Sc. program requires 30 credits, including a 3-credit essay (MATH 589) or a 6- or 12-credit thesis (MATH 549). Courses may be selected from Mathematics and a wide range of related programs on campus, in consultation with the student's supervisor and the supervisory committee.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
121-1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z2
Tel: 604.822.3079
Fax: 604.822.6074
Email: grad-coord@math.ubc.ca
Web: www.math.ubc.ca
Roseann Kinsey, Graduate Program Coordinator

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