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A. Mazawi, T. Sork, A. Taylor, P. Walter.

Professors Emeriti

R. Boshier, S. Butterwick, D. Pratt, K. Rubenson.

Associate Professors

J. Chan, H. Shan, R. VanWynsberghe.

Assistant Professors

J. Walker.

Program Overview

The mission of the Adult Learning and Education graduate program at UBC is to contribute to the creation, elaboration, exchange and application of knowledge concerning the education and learning of adults wherever they occur. This includes the development of scholars and reflective practitioners who will shape society and its institutions in ways that promote lifelong education and learning for all.

The Adult Learning and Education graduate program offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Adult Learning and Education. The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Studies program also offers a concentration in Adult Learning and Education. Both M.Ed. and M.A. programs are also available as part-time studies.

Students wishing to pursue doctoral studies in the field of Adult Learning and Education should apply to the Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Studies or the Doctor of Education program in Educational Leadership and Policy.

Program Requirements

Master of Education

The M.Ed. program is considered a professional degree for people who wish to work as practitioners in any adult education setting, most often as instructors, program planners, consultants or administrators. It is a 30-credit program with required and elective courses.

All on-campus master's students take a core of 9 credits of the following adult learning and education courses:

These core courses are supplemented with electives that allow students to deepen their study of adult learning and education or to explore topics and issues addressed elsewhere in the department and the university that have implications for adult learning and education.

Students must also take a 3-credit research methods course approved by their pro-tem advisor (for available options, refer to the Program’s website).

To complete their 30-credit program, students can a) complete 15 credits of electives and the 3-credit graduating paper (EDST 590); or b) complete 18 credits of electives.

Students who want to be upgraded through the Teacher Qualification Services (TQS) must complete the 3-credit graduating paper (EDST 590).

Detailed information about application and course requirements for the M.Ed. is available online (edst.educ.ubc.ca/programs/adult-learning-and-education/).

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Sandra Abah, Graduate Program Assistant

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