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Students registered in this stream will choose courses from the mechanical, physiological, psychological, sociological, and pedagogical branches of kinesiology, thereby designing a cross-disciplinary program of study.

Multi-disciplinary Science

First Year
ENGL 112 3
KIN 110 3
KIN 120 3
KIN 131 3
KIN 132 3
KIN 150 3
KIN 160 3
Electives1,2,3,4 9
Total Credits 30
Second Year
KIN 205 3
KIN 206 3
KIN 211 3
KIN 216 3
KIN 232 3
KIN 235 3
KIN 262 3
Electives1,2,3,4 9
Total Credits 30
Third and Fourth Year
KIN courses required at the 300- or 400-level5 21
KIN Electives6 15
Electives1,3,4,5 24
Total Credits 60
1 KIN or non-KIN courses that the student may elect to take.
2 Students interested in KIN 341, 342, or 444 should take KIN 140 as an elective in either year 1 or 2.
3 Students planning to apply to postgraduate programs are strongly encouraged to determine the necessary undergraduate requirements that are available in other faculties such as Science and Arts.
4 Students planning to enter the Teacher Education Program in the Faculty of Education need to review the detailed admission requirements. Students planning to apply for the secondary option are advised to prepare a second teaching field.
5 Select 2 courses from 3 of the 5 following lists: Neuromechanics; Leadership Education for Pedagogy and Physical Activity; Psychology of Movement; Sociocultural Studies; Systems Biology, Exercise & Health. Then, select 1 course from either of the remaining 2 lists for a total of 7 courses. Courses for each list are mentioned below.
6 KIN courses at the 300/400-level that the student may elect to take.

Students in this stream must take a minimum of 36 credits in 300- or 400-level kinesiology courses. Students must select at list 6 credits from 3 of the 5 lists below. Then, students must choose 3 credits from either of the remaining 2 lists for a total of 21 credits.

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