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All applicants for admission must submit the following documents by the deadlines set out below:

General, Discretionary, and Indigenous Applicants

The application form, application fee, and personal statement must be submitted on or before December 1. All supporting documentation must be submitted on or before January 31. If an offer is made, final official transcripts (see below) with grades for courses in progress must be submitted upon completion of their degree.

Transfer, Letter of Permission, Advanced Standing

The application form, current transcripts, other documents, and application fee must be submitted on or before April 30. Final official law school transcripts (see below) must be submitted by the first week of June.

Application Forms

Application forms are available online (www.allard.ubc.ca/apply-peter-allard-school-law-jd-program).


The academic average (GPA) is calculated on all the academic years of study leading to the applicant's first undergraduate degree, minus the lowest 12 credits (equivalent to four UBC term/semester courses or two year-long courses) for applicants who have completed a four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent. For applicants in the third year of an undergraduate degree program at the time of application, the lowest six credits (equivalent to two UBC term/semester courses or one year-long course) will be eliminated from the calculation of the admission GPA.

Separate transcripts must be sent from each institution attended. An official transcript is one sent directly to the Faculty by the issuing institution. A final official transcript is a transcript sent directly to the Faculty , Allard Law at UBC, J.D. Admissions, 1822 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, by the issuing institution on the completion of the current academic year.

Applicants still taking courses leading to an undergraduate degree should arrange for one current official transcript to be sent immediately, to expedite the processing of their applications, and for two final official transcripts to be sent upon completion of their degree. Applicants still in the process of completing the minimum 90 credits will receive an offer conditional on maintenance of the GPA achieved on the first 60 credits.

It is not necessary to send UBC transcripts, as they are available to the Faculty.

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

All applicants, except Letter of Permission applicants attending non-North American law schools, are required to submit a valid LSAT score. Applicants may take the test more than once, and the highest score will be used. Scores are valid for five years and must be valid as of September. The Admissions Office can access LSAT scores directly from LSAC if the applicant's registration is current.

We will accept the November as well as the January writings of the LSAT. However, we strongly encourage applicants to take the LSAT prior to the January test date. An applicant who wishes to rely on the January LSAT may diminish his or her chance of gaining admission due to the delayed review of his or her file.

LSAT information (www.lsac.org) is available online. An applicant wishing to apply to American law schools must use the American registration material which includes registering for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

Application Fee

A non-refundable application processing fee must accompany the application form. For application fee, see Application and Administrative Fees.

Personal Statement

All applicants must submit a personal statement as part of their online application. This document should be approximately 750 words for the General category and two to three pages for all other categories. The personal statement is an applicant's opportunity to outline those features of the application that distinguish the candidate. The personal statement is also an opportunity for a candidate to highlight his or her non-academic contributions, as well as any circumstances that may have contributed to or detracted from the applicant's academic and non-academic success.

Other Documents

Other documents include letters of reference, medical certificates, special circumstances letters, or National Committee on Accreditation letters, where relevant.

Interviews are not part of the admissions procedure but the Admissions staff are available to answer any questions in person, by telephone (604.822.6303), letter, fax (604.822.9486), or email (admissions@allard.ubc.ca). Applicants wishing to meet in person for advising should make an appointment.

Language Proficiency

Applicants who do not have adequate command of the English language will not be admitted. Applicants may be required to take a test to demonstrate adequate facility with the English language.

Admission Offers

Application processing begins in October. Offers are made to General applicants as early as December with the majority of the offers made between January and the end of April. Admissions are on a rolling basis and will continue through to the end of August. The majority of final decisions will be made by the end of June. Offers to Indigenous applicants are usually made in mid-March, and to Discretionary applicants in mid-May.


Canadian citizens, permanent residents or landed immigrants who accept the offer of a place at Allard Law must make a non-refundable deposit which is placed towards tuition at the time of acceptance.


An applicant who is denied admission may request the Admissions Committee to reconsider its decision, but only on the ground that the applicant has material information that was not reasonably available to the applicant at the time the Admissions Committee's initial decision was made. Such new information must be set out in the request for reconsideration. The Committee will then determine whether the information is indeed new material. At this time the Admissions Committee will consider whether to alter its initial decision based upon the new material and the availability of space within the law school class at the time when the reconsideration decision is rendered. The Admissions Committee must receive the request for reconsideration within 14 calendar days of the applicant's initial letter and decision from the Law Admissions Office.

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