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Regular Program

The Juris Doctor program requires a student to acquire a minimum of 92 credits in three Winter Sessions in the Allard School of Law. First year consists of compulsory courses totaling 32 credits. The second and third years (or upper years) consist of two Winter Sessions totaling 60 credits. Each Winter Session consists of two consecutive terms. Students may not enrol in more than 18 credits per term or 34 credits per Winter Session.

In the upper years, students must take the following compulsory courses:

  1. LAW 372 (Administrative Law)
  2. LAW 459 (Business Organizations) - this course is not compulsory for students who commenced their Juris Doctor degree in September 2018 or later
  3. LAW 300 (Jurisprudence and Critical Perspectives)
  4. LAW 468 (Ethics and Professionalism)

A student may not enrol in a course for which another subject is a prerequisite, unless the required course was taken and passed earlier. In special circumstances the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Faculty member teaching the subject, may waive this stipulation.

Seminar or Directed Research: A student must undertake, in either the second or third year, at least one independent research project and submit a substantial paper (or series of papers) embodying the results of this research. This obligation usually will be satisfied within a 3 credit seminar but students may fulfill this obligation by completing a project, for at least 3 credits, under LAW 493, 494, 495, or 496 (Directed Research).

Experiential Learning Credit Requirement: Beginning with the entering class of 2018, J.D. students in the Peter A. Allard School of Law are required to complete one experiential course or program before graduation. This experiential requirement is met through successfully completing:

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