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The Diploma in Music Performance is a program designed for advanced instrumentalists and singers who seek professional performing careers. The program centers on individual performance instruction and intensive solo and ensemble performance experiences.


Admission to the program is by audition, and enrolment is strictly limited. Only gifted performers with good prospects for a professional career will be considered. Applicants must have completed at least 60 credits of post-secondary study, normally in an accredited B.Mus. performance program. Preference is given to applicants who have completed a B.Mus. or graduate degree in music performance. All applicants must demonstrate accomplished performance skills and must have a documented record of intensive study and activity in performance.

Program of Study

A program of study is designed for each student by the supervisor (a faculty member in the appropriate performance division), in consultation with other relevant faculty members, within the following general outline. The total number of credits required for the Diploma is 30, and a residency of one Winter Session is required. Students must take at least 8 credits of individual performance instruction at an appropriate level and at least 8 credits of suitable ensembles.

The specific ensembles required in the program will be determined by the supervisor. Orchestral instrumentalists must play in a large ensemble (MUSC 550) and in at least two small ensembles (MUSC 556-569). Opera students must take MUSC 539. Pianists must take MUSC 561.

The remaining courses should complement the student's performance training and address his/her individual needs. They may include, for example, study in language and theatre (for singers) or in conducting and instrumentation (for instrumentalists).

Students in good standing may extend the program to include one additional Winter Session. Eligibility for a second year of individual performance instruction requires the recommendation of the relevant division chair and the approval of the Director of the School of Music.

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