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The Faculty will select for admission those students who not only demonstrate academic potential, but who also most aptly display a motivation to study pharmaceutical sciences and who demonstrate the qualities and skills most necessary to be a caring and competent pharmacist.

To be considered for admission to the four-year program, applicants must:

Note: Because enrolment in the program is limited and competitive, applicants should be aware that satisfying the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants with a competitive average will be invited for an interview. In the selection of applicants, preference is given to well-qualified residents of BC who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Special consideration may be given to Aboriginal applicants and applicants from under-represented areas of BC.

Applications received with incomplete documentation or without the correct fees will not be processed. Late applications will not be considered.

Students are not admissible to the program directly from a high school or secondary school program (BC Grade 12 or equivalent obtained in any province). Admission to the Entry-to-Practice Pharm.D. is to the first year of a four-year program following at least two (2) post-secondary years. Students must complete at least 60 credits of coursework, including the prerequisites, by the end of the academic year in which the application is made.

The required (core) courses1 are:

Cell Biology BIOL 112 or MICB 201, plus BIOL 121 and BIOL 140
Organic Chemistry CHEM 111 &113 or CHEM 121 &123
English 1st year (6 credits)2. ENGL 112 is recommended.
Mathematics MATH 102 (recommended) or MATH 100, 104, 110, 120, 180 or 184, plus MATH 103 (recommended) or MATH 101, 105 or 121
Students must also present the following prerequisite courses:
Biology BIOL 200 and BIOL 201 or BIOC 202
Chemistry CHEM 233 & 235 or CHEM 203
Microbiology MICB 202
Statistics STAT 200 or 203, or BIOL 300
Humanities or Social Sciences 6 credits of humanities or social sciences courses3.
Elective(s) Sufficient credits to bring total to at least 60.
1 Acceptable in lieu of first year (1xx) requirements is the UBC Science One Program (plus 6 credits of first-year English). There may be additional alternate courses that satisfy the requirements listed in this table. Consult the Science Credit Exclusion List for a complete list.
2 SCIE 113 will be accepted in lieu of 3 credits of first-year English.
3 Most courses offered by the Faculty of Arts at any year level. ENGL courses used to satisfy the 6-credits of first-year English requirement cannot count towards satisfying the Humanities or Social Sciences requirement.

Applicants without these specific UBC courses need to present a full year (i.e., two semesters) of:

Also required:

Additional Requirements:

Detailed information on admission requirements for all applicants is available from the Faculty (pharmsci.ubc.ca/home).

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