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Students in good academic standing after a Winter Session normally are eligible to register in the following Summer and Winter Sessions but may choose instead to take an Academic Leave of up to one academic year.

If the student chooses not to register in the Winter Session immediately following the last one attended, the student will retain eligibility to register in the next Winter Session. If a leave of longer duration is chosen, the student will have to apply for readmission through Enrolment Services; normal deadlines will apply.

The provision for Academic Leave does not apply to a student who is not in Good Standing, or has not met Continuation or Promotion Requirements. For example, a student who is not in good academic standing after Summer Session is not eligible for Academic Leave.

Academic Leave is not an opportunity to take courses toward the UBC degree at another institution. A student who wishes to study at another institution must consult the Science Information Centre (www.science.ubc.ca/students/advising) in advance to determine whether or not a Letter of Permission is required.

Any student contemplating taking an Academic Leave must consult an academic advisor in advance to determine how contemplated changes in available courses during the time of the student's leave might affect completion of the degree. Students should note that some required courses are offered on an alternate-year basis.

Students with student loans or scholarships are advised to consult with an Enrolment Services Advisor before taking a leave, as there may be financial implications.

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