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Science Requirement

At least 72 credits must be in science courses. Only Geography courses identified with the GEOS (or GEOB) subject code carry science credit. In addition to PSYC 348 and 448, all undergraduate psychology courses numbered 60 to 89 in the last two digits have science credit. Only the following courses in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems have science credit: FNH 350, 351, 450, and 451. Some courses in the Faculty of Medicine have science credit: all BIOC, CAPS, and PCTH courses; MEDG 410-421.

Arts Requirement

At least 12 credits must be in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts, excluding GEOS (or GEOB) courses and PSYC courses with science credit (see Science Requirement). Arts credits taken to fulfill the Communication Requirement may not be counted towards the Arts Requirement.

ASIC 200 and ASIC 220, which are jointly offered by Science and Arts, will be applied as Arts Credit for Science students.

All MUSC courses in music history, music theory, ethnomusicology, or music composition, and a maximum of 8 credits from the ensemble courses in musical performance, may count as Arts credits in a B.Sc. program.

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