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For upper-level credit requirements, see the table "Summary of Minimum Program Requirements". For the B.Sc. major, 30 of the 48 upper-level credits must be in science courses numbered 300 and higher. The remaining 18 upper-level credits for the major may be in any faculty. Students in honours, double major, or minor in science options have higher requirements for upper-level science credits; they may also take 18 credits in any faculty, but at most 6 credits will count toward the minimum upper-level requirements; see Double Counting.

Normally no more than 6 credits numbered 500 and higher may be used to fulfill the B.Sc. requirements. Prior written permission of the instructor, the student's specialization advisor, the Dean of Science, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies is required. To be eligible, a student pursuing a first degree must have successfully completed at least 75% of the required upper-level credits for their specialization and have an overall average of at least 76% in their completed third- and fourth-year courses. To be eligible, a student pursuing a second degree (B.Sc. or B.C.S.) must have successfully completed at least 15 required upper-level science credits in the second degree as well as 24 additional upper-level credits (in either the second or the first degree) deemed by the Faculty to be broadly relevant to the graduate course being requested. An overall average of at least 76% is required in those 39 credits. See the Faculty of Graduate Studies (www.grad.ubc.ca/forms/enrolment-undergraduate-students-graduate-course).

All upper-level credits are expected to be obtained in courses taken at UBC Vancouver (or an official Go Global exchange or as part of a joint degree). Students who took upper-level courses at a recognized institution prior to transferring to the UBC Vancouver B.Sc. degree need permission in order to apply any of those credits to the degree. See Transfer Credit.

Double Counting

Students enrolled in two specializations, e.g., double major, major+minor in science, or honours+minor in science, are allowed to double-count a limited number of upper-level credits. No more than 6 upper-level credits that count toward the specialization requirements for the first major or honours may be double-counted to fulfill requirements for the second major or the minor. Thus, in order to graduate, double major students must have at least 54 upper-level science credits, major+minor in science students must have at least 42, and honours+minor in science students must have at least 54; this number of credits cannot be arrived at by double-counting. There is no maximum number of lower-level credits that can be double-counted. Students should be aware that by double-counting they could substantially weaken the intellectual content of one of their specializations.

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