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Science Breadth Requirement

All B.Sc. students are required to have reasonable breadth in their understanding of science.

For the purposes of this requirement, courses for Science credit are separated into 7 categories by course codes:

1. Mathematics: All MATH courses, except MATH 302
2. Chemistry: All CHEM courses, except CHEM 100, CHEM 300
3. Physics: All PHYS courses, except PHYS 100
4. Life Science: All BIOL courses except BIOL 140, BIOL 300; all BIOC, PSYC (courses numbered from 60 to 89 in the last 2 digits), and MICB courses and GEOB 207
5. Statistics: BIOL 300, DSCI 100, MATH 302, all STAT courses
6. Computer Science: All CPSC courses
7. Earth & Planetary Science: All ASTR, ATSC, ENVR, EOSC, GEOB courses except EOSC 111 and GEOB 207.

Students in a major or honours specialization must successfully complete at least 3 credits from any 6 of the 7 categories. Students in a combined major or combined honours specialization must successfully complete at least 3 credits from any 5 of the 7 categories.

These courses can be at any level.

Students must satisfy at least all but one of the required categories before they can be promoted to fourth year. That is, students in a combined specialization must satisfy 4 of the required 5 categories and students in a non-combined specialization must satisfy 5 of the required 6 categories.

Students who successfully complete Science One (SCIE 001) are credited with having successfully completed at least 3 credits from the Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Life Science categories.

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