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The B.Sc. degree begins with study of the foundations of science and provides options for either continued broad study across the sciences or specialization in one or two disciplines. In addition, there is ample room for study outside the sciences.

To earn a B.Sc. students must follow one of the following seven options:

Although an honours option is often the preferred preparation for graduate studies in some fields, all majors and honours options listed above may lead to graduate study if sufficiently high standing is obtained. For additional information regarding preparation for graduate study, please consult an advisor in your field of interest.

More information on the common requirements of the degree options introduced above is found elsewhere: see General Degree Requirements; Communication Requirement; Science Requirement (calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,1464); Arts Requirement (calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,1464); Science Breadth Requirement (calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,1663); Lower-level Requirements; and Upper-level Requirement. See also Double Major and Dual Degree. The specific courses required for each specialization (e.g., Major in Earth and Ocean Sciences) are defined in the alphabetically arranged list of specializations.

In addition to the following one of the seven degree options above, a B.Sc. student may be interested in the following opportunities:

This page provides a comprehensive list of permitted degree options. Students may not pursue another program at UBC, or a different institution, concurrently with the B.Sc. unless explicitly permitted by one of the listed degree options.

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