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Students are required to fulfill the faculty-wide requirements for one of the degree options (e.g., major, honours) defined in this chapter of the Calendar as well as the specific course requirements for a defined specialization (e.g., Major in Computer Science), including all course and credit requirements. At least 50% of the credits required must be obtained with courses taken while registered in the UBC Vancouver B.Sc. program.

Students are reminded that regulations apply as listed under the Bachelor of Science, Performance Review and Continuation. Choice of option and specialization will be limited if good academic standing is not maintained or if academically more qualified students fill limited spaces.

A major, combined major, double major, or General Science option requires a minimum of 120 credits but may require more. A dual degree will require more than 120 credits but some combinations may be completed in less than the minimum of 180 credits required to complete both a first and second degree sequentially. An honours or combined honours option requires a minimum of 132 credits, but may require more. The B.Sc. degree must be obtained within a maximum of 180 attempted credits including credits transferred to the degree.

Of the credits used toward the B.Sc. requirements, at most 24 may be in faculties other than Science or Arts (see Credit at UBC and Elsewhere) and at most six may be numbered 500 or above (see Upper-level Requirement).

Summary of Program Requirements

  Major, Combined Major, or General Science Major+Minor in Science Major+Major (Science) Honours or Combined Honours Honours+Minor in Science
Minimum Total Credits 120 120 120 132 132
of which courses 300+ 48 48 60 48 60
Minimum Total Science Credits 72 72 72 72 72
of which courses 300+ 30 42 54 42 54
Minimum Total Arts Credits 12 12 12 12 12
Maximum Credits that can be double counted (calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,1466#18670]) - 6 6 - 6
Maximum credits not in Science or Arts 24 24 24 24 24

The requirements applicable to all B.Sc. degree options and specializations include the Communication, Lower-level, Upper-level, Science, Arts, and Science Breadth requirements.

For Honours requirements see: www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,404

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