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L. Avery, Audiology and Speech Sciences
L. Bainbridge, Health Disciplines
L. Best, Dentistry
S. Bryson, Social Work
N. Clark, Social Work
P. Colozzo, Audiology and Speech Sciences
V. Da Costa, College of Health Disciplines
C. DePalma, Health Disciplines
D. DeWitt, Faculty of Medicine
S. Dharamsi, Dentistry
D. Drynan, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (Chair, Practice Education)
C. Dyck, Rehabilitation Sciences
L. Eccott, Pharmaceutical Sciences (Chair, Interprofessional Curriculum)
C. Ellis, Midwifery
S. Foster, School of Health Sciences
A. Greig, Rehabilitation Sciences
M. Groening, Nursing
L. Harvey, Social Work
L. Jones, Social Work
P. Kennedy, Kinesiology
A. Kim-Sing, Pharmaceutical Sciences
M. Lee, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
D. Lin, Dentistry
P. Miller, Medicine / Pharmaceutical Sciences
S. Murphy, Physical Therapy
C. Newton, Medicine
C. Nguyen, Dentistry
G. Noel, Faculty of Medicine
T. Oh, Children's & Women's Health Centre of B.C.
M. Pearson, Pharmaceutical Sciences
A. Rankin, Rehabilitation Sciences
J. Scott, B.C.C.A. Hereditary Cancer Program
S. Small, Audiology and Speech Sciences
L. Soon, Health Disciplines
E. Tan, Nursing
K. Traviss, Land and Food Systems
K. Vogt, Food, Nutrition and Health

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