UBC Undergraduate Admissions Student Declaration (,284,0,0)
UBC Graduate Admissions Student Declaration (,327,0,0)
Graduate Admission Procedures (,302,0,0)
Undergraduate Admission Procedures (,27,0,0)
Undergraduate Application and Document Deadlines (,295,0,0)
Policy on Admissions (,13,0,0)
Classification of Students (,32,0,0)
English Language Admission Standard (,19,0,0)
Admission for Secondary School Applicants (,324,0,0)
Program Requirements for Canadian Secondary School Applicants (,325,0,0)
Applicants Following the BC/Yukon Secondary School Curriculum (,22,0,0)
Applicants Following Canadian Secondary School Curriculum (,326,0,0)
Homeschooled Secondary School Applicants (,276,0,0)
Advanced Credit or Placement (,17,0,0)
Applicants with International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Courses (,279,0,0)
Applicants Following American Secondary School Curriculum (,293,0,0)
Applicants Following Other International Secondary School Curricula (,294,0,0)
International Applicants (,26,0,0)
Applicants to Vantage College (,309,0,0)
Applicants from a Post-Secondary Institution (,25,0,0)
Admission to Undergraduate Programs Requiring Prior Study (,18,0,0)
Mature Applicants (,290,0,0)
Canadian Aboriginal Applicants (,14,0,0)
Applicants with Disabilities (,15,0,0)
British Columbia Youth in Care Applicants (,308,0,0)
Readmission (,273,0,0)
Change of Degree Program (,303,0,0)
Change of Campus (,274,0,0)
Deferred Admission (,278,0,0)
Registration in a Course or Program (,29,0,0)
Admission Appeals (,16,0,0)

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