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Applicants who do not meet UBC's minimum English language admission standard for an undergraduate program may be interested in the Conditional Admission Program ( offered through UBC's English Language Institute.

To qualify for this program, applicants must:

  1. Present academic and other admission selection qualifications, other than English language proficiency, that rank in the top 50% of students selected for admission to the program in the year prior to the date of application; and
  2. Present evidence of English language proficiency that can be brought up to UBC's English Language Admission Standard in no more than one year. The minimum competence scores required to qualify for the program are listed in the Calendar under English Language Proficiency Tests.

Successful completion of the Conditional Admission Program requires achieving a level of 600 in the UBC Certificate in English Language, with a minimum of 75% in each sub skill. Successful completion for students admitted to degree programs that require a first year English course also includes presentation of the minimum score required on the Language Proficiency Index (LPI).

Students admitted to the Conditional Admission Program are required to complete the program. Therefore, such students cannot substitute other English language proficiency exams to gain entry to the degree program.

Students admitted to the Conditional Admission Program must successfully complete the program within 12 months of first enrolling in the program.

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