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Academic criteria are the primary basis for determining admissibility to UBC's Vancouver campus; however, many programs consider non-academic information as well. Academic averages for the purpose of admission to UBC's Vancouver campus are primarily based on Grade 12 final or in-progress course grades available in the spring; however, an applicant's full academic history (including grades for completed Grade 11 courses) may be considered, particularly where sufficient Grade 12 information is not yet available.

The minimum academic qualification for admission is secondary school graduation from a recognized secondary school, including the following Grade 11 and 12 courses:

Grade Required Courses1
Grade 12 English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
Three additional approved Grade 12 courses1
Grade 11 English 11 or English 11 First Peoples
Principles of Mathematics 11, Pre-Calculus 11, or Foundations of Mathematics 12
Civic Studies 11, Social Studies 11, or BC First Nations Studies 12
At least one approved Science 112
An approved Language 113
1 Or approved equivalent International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, or Post-secondary course. See the table Specific Program Requirements for Applicants Following the BC/Yukon Secondary School Curriculum and the sections titled Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Courses Approved to Satisfy Pre-requisites and Post-Secondary Course Credits that Count Toward High School Graduation.
2 See the table Specific Program Requirements for Applicants following the BC/Yukon Secondary School Curriculum for programs requiring two Science courses at the Grade 11 level.
3 A beginner's Language 11 does not satisfy this requirement.

The admission average will be calculated on English 12, or English 12 First Peoples, and the three additional approved Grade 12 courses. Certain programs may require a competitive minimum grade in individual prerequisite courses used in the calculation of the admission average. Should final or in-progress Grade 12 grades not be available at the time of evaluation, final Grade 11 grades may be used as appropriate.

As a general rule, grades received as a result of challenging a course may not be used in the calculation of an admission average. However, students may use challenged courses to satisfy program prerequisites such as the requirement for an approved Language 11 and/or the language degree requirement in the Faculty of Arts.

If there are circumstances where an applicant must present a challenge-based mark for a required Grade 12 mathematics, science, or English course, or where a strong academic student wishes to challenge a UBC-required Grade 12 course in order to take a more advanced courseload in high school, please contact UBC Admissions ( for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants must present an admission average that meets or exceeds the minimum academic standard for secondary school applicants.

A minimum final grade of 70% in either English 11 or English 12 (or equivalent), including provincial examination, is required for all programs.

Applicants who, because of administrative difficulties in their school or because they have a physical, sensory, or specific learning disability, cannot present the courses as required, may be excused a specific admissions course requirement. Supporting documentation sent by the principal of the school concerned is required.

All courses must be completed by June. Summer school courses or grades obtained in supplemental examinations will not be considered.

Applicants are required to write the final examinations offered by the BC Ministry of Education (BC Provincial Examinations) that are required for graduation. For admission decisions, BC Provincial Examination results will be used if the examination result increases the applicant's admission average. However, in cases where a significant discrepancy exists between the course grade and the examination grade, UBC reserves the right to use the examination grade only.

Approved Grade 12 Courses2
American Sign Language (ASL)
BC First Nations Studies 12
Biology 12
Calculus 121
Chemistry 12
Economics 121
English Literature 12
English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
Français Langue 12 or French 12
Geography 12
Geology 12
German 12
Halq'eméylem 121
Heiltsuk 121
History 12
Hul'q'umi'num' 121
Japanese 12
Kwak'wala 121
Law 121
Liqwala/Kwak'wala 121
Mandarin 12
nsíylxcen 121
Nte?kepmxcin 121
Nuu-chah-nulth 121
Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12
Physics 12
Punjabi 12
Secwepemctsin (Shuswap Language) 121
Shashishalhem (Sechelt Language) 121
Sim'algaxhl Nisga'a 121
Sm'algyax 121
Spanish 12
Tsek'ene 121
Upper St'at'imcets 121
1 Eligible for inclusion in admission averages for students applying to enter UBC in 2012 and beyond.
2 Technological limitations prevent UBC from appropriately reflecting some languages in the Calendar. We are working to address this for the future.

Approved Grade 11 Science Courses
Applied Physics 11 and 121
Earth Science
1 Together these courses meet both the Grade 11 Science requirement and the Physics 11 requirement.

Approved courses offered in French will also be accepted. (Français 12 is not accepted in place of English 12.)

Approved Grade 11 Language Courses1, 4
Athapaskan (with Athapaskan 12)
American Sign Language (ASL)
Français (Communication et Literature)
Français (Langue)
IB Ab Initio Language5
Mandarin Chinese
Secwepemctsin (Shuswap)
Shashishalhem (Sechelt Language)
Sim'algaxhl Nisga'a
Upper St'at'imcets
1 External Language Certificate 11 or External Language Assessment 11 will meet the language 11 admission requirement.
2 King David High School or Pacific Torah Institute.
3 Taught through UBC courses FNEL 101 and 102.
4 Technological limitations prevent UBC from appropriately reflecting some languages in the Calendar. We are working to address this for the future.
5 Applicants may present any International Baccalaureate (IB) Ab Initio Language in place of Language 11

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