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Students who are enrolled in a BC secondary school may be admitted to UBC to pursue Concurrent Studies. Students pursuing Concurrent Studies are admitted under the Access Studies student category. Please see Access Studies for more information. The following conditions will apply at the University:

Admission will initially be for one academic session but may be renewed with the continued support of the school principal and the dean. Normally no more than 12 credits may be obtained by Concurrent Studies, but students who continue to have superior academic records and the support of the school principal may seek permission from the dean to enrol in further courses.

Students in Concurrent Studies will be treated as regular students in most respects, except that they may not register in a full range of courses. Standard transcripts will be issued and fees and deadlines will be as for regular students.

Students who have enrolled in Concurrent Studies at other recognized post-secondary institutions prior to secondary school graduation may also be eligible for transfer credit.

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