Deferred Admission

UBC recognizes that students may encounter opportunities or circumstances that could result in a request for deferred admission. Applicants who are offered admission to full-time study in the first year of a degree program may request a deferral for one year (or two years in cases of mandatory military service).

Deferred Admission for Graduate Students:

Please see Deferred Admission ( on the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Deferred Admission for Undergraduate Students:

To be eligible for a deferral, the applicant must:

Deferral will not be available to applicants who wish to attend another post-secondary institution. Applicants who attend another institution during their deferral will lose their guaranteed space and will have to reapply for admission.

Deferral may not be possible for students seeking admission to limited enrolment programs.

Students who are granted permission to defer their admission will still have to satisfy any conditions of the admission offer, such as completion of courses in progress, maintenance of a satisfactory admission average, and graduation from secondary school. They must apply to take up the deferred offer by the application deadline of the following year. They must register in the program and at the campus to which they were admitted or will be required to re-apply and compete with the new applicant pool for a space.

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