Applicants Following Other International Secondary School Curricula

Please note that this section of the UBC Calendar has been updated with information specific to undergraduate admissions in 2019. For information regarding undergraduate admissions in 2018, please see the archived version of the 2017/18 Academic Calendar (,0,0,0).

All applicants applying to UBC from a secondary school offering English-medium instruction must present a minimum final grade of 70% (or equivalent) in either junior (Grade 11) or senior year (Grade 12) English. Final grades include both the school grade and mandatory standardized examination results.

Program requirements listed in Program Requirements for Canadian Secondary School Applicants will be applied to applicants, as appropriate, for the international secondary school curriculum presented for admission.

The following list outlines the minimum standing for admission in terms of educational credentials. All students must present prerequisites appropriate for their intended program of study.

Because of the differences in world educational systems, satisfactory completion of secondary school is not necessarily an acceptable basis for admission to first year. The University reserves the right to determine whether or not a student is eligible for admission and to determine what transfer credit, if any, may be granted.

Certain programs may require a competitive minimum grade in individual prerequisite courses.

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