Campus-wide Policies and Regulations

Academic Leave

UBC students in good academic standing may, in most programs, take an academic leave (time away from UBC studies) of up to one year. For example, a student in good academic standing after completing the 2009/10 Winter Session would automatically be eligible to register for the 2010 Summer, 2010/11 Winter, 2011 Summer, and 2011/12 Winter sessions.

Students in some programs are required to seek permission for an academic leave prior to departing. Please consult the appropriate section of the UBC Calendar for information regarding the possibility of taking a leave from your faculty or program.

Before taking leave, all students are advised to discuss their plans with an academic advisor in their faculty or school. Students who wish to study at another institution while on leave are required to obtain a Letter of Permission in advance.

Students with student loans or scholarships are advised to consult with Enrolment Services ( prior to taking a leave, as there may be financial implications.

Students in good academic standing in their last session at UBC but who have not registered at UBC for more than one Winter Session must apply to re-enter their academic program of study. Readmission is not guaranteed. Students who are readmitted will be governed by the academic regulations and program requirements in effect at the time of readmission to the University and are advised to consult an academic advisor.

Graduate students: Please consult On-Leave Status: Graduate Student Leaves of Absence.

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