Campus-wide Policies and Regulations

Requirements to Receive a Degree or Diploma

The requirements for degrees and diplomas are described in the faculty and school entries. Except where the requirements of a particular degree or diploma program specifically state otherwise, a student must:

  1. satisfy all the program requirements by completing studies either at UBC or elsewhere;
  2. satisfy at least 50% of the credits required for the program while registered in the program1; and
  3. in undergraduate programs, complete upper-division UBC credits to satisfy at least 50% of the credits required by point (2) above.

To complete a second or subsequent undergraduate degree or diploma program, a student must, in addition to the three requirements above, also complete at least as many upper-division (i.e., 300- or 400-level) credits as are normally required for that program while registered in it. A student may enrol in a degree program more than once provided that the program does not overlap significantly with studies for a prior degree.

1Courses taken while studying at another institution on a Senate-approved exchange program satisfy this requirement.

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