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Adjudicated Pass (J) is granted where credit is granted and the course need not be repeated although it may not normally qualify as a prerequisite for further work. (The grade assigned by the instructor is used in the calculation of averages.)

Aegrotat (AEG) allows a student credit for a course even though the course requirements have not been completed due to medical, emotional, or other difficulties. This standing is awarded only if the course instructor and the dean agree that the student has demonstrated the capacity to deal with the course material satisfactorily. When AEG standing is awarded, a letter grade is assigned. This will be converted to the minimum percentage for that category for the calculation of averages.

Audit (AUD) is granted to students who have been officially approved as having audit status. These students are expected to complete all course requirements except the final exam, and may be given Fail (F) standing if their performance is not satisfactory.

Deferred Standing (SD) may be granted by the Dean of the Faculty in which the student is enrolled when a student has a valid reason for not completing course requirements as scheduled and does not qualify for Aegrotat standing (see Academic Concession). Students granted Deferred standing in Winter Session courses must complete all outstanding course requirements by August 23 following. Students granted Deferred standing in Summer Session courses must complete all outstanding work by December 25 following. Students granted Deferred standing are responsible for making satisfactory arrangements with their instructors for completion of outstanding course requirements. If a student fails to complete deferred requirements by the dates specified, the Deferred standing will be replaced with a grade or standing that reflects requirements completed in the course. Students unable to meet the specified deadlines because of further medical, emotional or other difficulties must make an additional application for Academic Concession no later than August 31 for Winter Session courses or December 31 for Summer Session courses following the original deferral. See Deferred and Supplemental Examinations.

Exempt (EX) is granted to students who have registered for a required course from which they are exempt.

Honours (H) is granted where work exceeds course requirements, credit granted where applicable.

Pass (P) or Fail (F) is granted where no grade is assigned, excluded from calculation in all averages. Pass (P) denotes satisfactory completion of the requirements of the subject; credit granted where applicable. Fail (F) denotes fail standing.

Credit (Cr)/D/Fail (F) is granted where a grade is assigned by an instructor but not included on the Student's Official transcript of the Academic Record or made available by the University, instead, that grade is converted to either a Cr, D, or F standing in the course. Excluded from calculation in all averages. Credit (Cr) denotes satisfactory completion of the requirements of the subject; D denotes a marginal pass (50% to 54%), and is not available for those programs or courses that define a passing grade as being a percentage higher than 50%. Fail (F) denotes fail standing.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit is assigned based on prior learning in a subject area.

Supplemental (S) denotes failure, no credit. Supplemental privilege granted (see Supplemental Examination Policy).

Thesis in Progress (T) denotes graduating essay not submitted; course continuing. If a student in a bachelor's program who receives a "T" standing in a graduating essay or other course approved by the faculty completes the course within 12 months of the end of the term in which the student first registered for the course, the "T" standing will be replaced by the grade assigned. If the course is not completed within 12 months, the "T" standing will be replaced by a grade of zero (or "F" standing in a Pass/Fail course).

Withdrawal (W) denotes official withdrawal (see Withdrawal).

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