Campus-wide Policies and Regulations

Advancement Regulations

Advancement practices vary among faculties, colleges, and schools (collectively, "faculties") and are described in individual faculty sections in the Calendar. General regulations applicable to all faculties include the following:

  1. Except in special cases, or where the faculty provides otherwise, no student may repeat a course more than once.
  2. Each faculty has regulations on advancement. Students who do not meet the required standard in any session will be assigned Failed standing and will be required to discontinue or withdraw.
  3. A student in a year of study which may normally be taken in the first or second year following secondary school graduation who is assigned Failed standing will be required to either discontinue for at least one year or to withdraw.
  4. Students who are assigned Failed standing in one faculty may transfer to another faculty if they meet the advancement and admission requirements of the second faculty.
  5. Students who have been required to discontinue or withdraw may be readmitted subject to the regulations of the faculty which they wish to enter.
  6. A student at any level of university study who fails for a second time (which need not be consecutive) will be required to withdraw from the University. After a period of at least one year, an appeal for permission to re-enrol will be considered. Such an appeal will be granted only after the appeal has been reviewed and approved by the dean of the faculty concerned. A negative decision by the dean may be appealed to the Senate Admissions Committee.

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