Campus-wide Policies and Regulations


Every candidate for a degree must make a formal application for graduation. Students can make a formal application for graduation via the Student Service Centre (SSC) (

Standard Graduation

The application deadline for May Congregation is February 28. The earliest date to make an application for May Congregation is December 15 of the previous year. The application deadline for November Congregation is August 31. The earliest date to make an application for November Congregation is June 15.

If a student plans to graduate, they must submit an application regardless of whether or not they intend to participate in the scheduled ceremonies. If the request to graduate is not approved by the candidate's faculty, a reapplication for the next congregation will be required.

Applications for May are not acknowledged until the end of March when Graduation Ceremony information is emailed. Acknowledgment for November applications will be emailed at the end of September. The receipt of graduation information does not confirm the satisfactory completion of the degree program. The faculty completes this approval process and Senate then confers successful candidates. Students can access the SSC one week prior to the ceremonies to confirm conferral of the degree.

No student will receive a graduation diploma until all academic fees have been fully paid (see Financial Hold).

Please see Current Students ( and Graduation at UBC ( for the latest information on graduation. Graduate students should consult the Deadlines section ( of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for program completion deadlines.

M.D. Degree, Faculty of Medicine - Rolling Graduation

The general regulation for graduation notwithstanding, M.D. degrees may be approved by Senate during the Winter Session; however, graduation ceremonies (Congregation) are only held in May and November of each year. Although the granting of a degree will be noted on the student’s transcript once approved by the Senate, degree certificates will normally only be issued once the degree is conferred at or after the Congregation following approval.

For application deadlines and expected approval dates, please see the Faculty of Medicine website (

Students Completing Degree Requirements at Other Institutions

Students completing degree requirements at another institution are also reminded that, because of the delay in obtaining official transcripts, all applications for degrees for such students will be treated by Enrolment Services as applications for fall graduation.

Please see Current Students ( and Graduation at UBC ( for the latest information on graduation.

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