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Undergraduate students may withdraw from the University by using the Student Service Centre ( to withdraw from all courses when it is available. In all other cases a student who wishes to withdraw from the University must obtain the approval of the dean, director or faculty advisor on a Change of Registration form. When the withdrawal is approved the academic record will show the date of withdrawal and a standing of 'W' in all courses that are not completed on that date. When the withdrawal is not approved the student will remain registered in all courses and a final grade and/or standing will be assigned at the end of the term or session. Unclassified students who wish to withdraw should apply to Enrolment Services. A student who does not complete formal withdrawal procedures will be liable for all assessed fees until such procedures are completed.

Withdrawal for Graduate Students: Please see Withdrawal, Reinstatement, and Readmission in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ section of the UBC Calendar.

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