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Go Global offers UBC students the opportunity to: study on exchange or global seminars; conduct research; or complete a practicum placement or internship abroad as part of their UBC education. Students gain first-hand knowledge of international ideas, issues, and cultures, and can connect meaningfully with the people in their host country by experiencing life abroad as a student, not just a tourist. International learning programs foster global awareness, personal development, and cross-cultural understanding. The programs are open to graduate and undergraduate students.

"At the University of Lancaster, I was able to take courses and learn about subject areas that I would not have had the opportunity to study at UBC such as development studies from a political point of view. It helped me contextualize some of the issues that were covered in my economics courses. In that way, my studies on exchange perfectly complemented my work at UBC." - Katharina Obermeier, past Exchange participant, UK

Go Global: International Learning Programs
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