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UBC students can also learn abroad through Global Seminars Programs. Global Seminars allow students to take academic courses in a field-based setting where the academic material is linked and enhanced by the international location. A Global Seminars Program is often discipline or thematically based and opportunities may change from year to year. The programs are led by UBC faculty members and usually take place in Summer Term.

Costs for Global Seminar Programs vary depending on the program and often include accommodation, some meals, local transportation, field trips, and cultural learning opportunities in the program fee. In most programs, UBC professors accompany students to teach UBC courses. Occasionally, programs may be in partnership with another university and courses may be taught by professors from that institution.

Students can research information about current Global Seminars ( online.

"I have to say the best part of this program was getting the chance to work so closely with other students and the professors. Normally in class you don't get a chance to know your peers or your instructors all that well and outside of the classroom there is even less contact with them. In the Global Seminar Program you're working on something new with your peers everyday. The professors are always available to answer questions, go over material, or just talk about the volunteer experiences and your interactions with the surrounding community. It's a level of collaborative participation that you don't usually get in a regular classroom." - Boris Henriguez, Arts Term Abroad in Global Citizenship Global Seminar Program participant, Guatemala

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