Course Descriptions

Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education

CUST: Curriculum Studies

CUST 562 (3) Curriculum Issues and Theories
Curriculum theories and issues are explored through a review of literature (historical and contemporary) and critical reflection on existing practices. Provides a basis for examining knowledge claims, beliefs and assumptions underpinning contemporary understandings and practices of curriculum.
CUST 563 (3) Conceptualizing Curriculum Studies: Theory and Research
Facilitates an understanding of curriculum from a historical and contemporary perspective. Epistemological and ontological dimensions will be considered with a focus on discourses within the Canadian context.
CUST 564 (3) Curriculum for Sustainability
Focus on curriculum discourse central to ecological and social justice.
CUST 565 (3) Curriculum Studies in Diverse Settings
Explores curriculum study in design, implementation, and evaluation for contemporary pedagogical settings. Among other topics, focus will be on curriculum that addresses diverse learning and diverse settings.

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