Course Descriptions

Faculty of Applied Science

DICE: Design, Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship

DICE 501 (3) Design and Innovation
Design thinking within the history of innovation; cultural theory; contemporary local and global challenges. Management of the design process drawing on principles of creativity, design and engineering.
DICE 502 (3) Innovation and Participatory Research
Undertake participatory and community-based approaches to design, and develop reflective practice as socially responsible entrepreneurs. Participatory research, Indigenous Ways of Knowing and community-based creative approaches contribute to problem finding and project design.
DICE 503 (3) Visualization and Virtualization of Design and Production Cycle
Visualization and virtualization for creativity and innovation. Develop advanced design thinking, focusing on ideation and preparing for prototyping and presentation.
DICE 504 (6) Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
Develop skills in customer-orientated design and innovation through project-based learning. Situate entrepreneurship and social innovation within diverse work settings, including small businesses, social enterprises, First Nations, NGOs, and non-profits.
DICE 505 (6) Studio Experience
Design work is implemented in a facilitated studio environment. Uses integral methods of working with creative technologies and connections with mentors and peers to refine projects.
Prerequisite: All of DICE 501, DICE 502, DICE 503, DICE 504.
DICE 507 (6) Showcase
Product design and development synthesised in a project output and pitch presentation.
Prerequisite: All of DICE 501, DICE 502, DICE 503, DICE 504.

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