Course Descriptions

Educational Administration, Faculty of Education

EADM: Educational Administration

EADM 554 (3) Policy and Education
Overview of the social, political, and legal influences on the role of educational leaders in schools. Policy development and analysis are examined in relation to contemporary issues in education.
EADM 556 (3) Conceptualizing Leadership
Broad conceptualization of leadership for learning organizations, communities, and enterprises through an examination of the historical, philosophical, theoretical, and ethical foundations of leadership.
EADM 557 (3) Leadership for Inclusion and Social Justice
An overview of the theoretical and practical elements of leadership for inclusive education, social justice, and other associated topics.
EADM 558 (3) Leadership for Sustainability
Applies the theoretical elements of sustainability through a focus on the practical aspects of leadership for sustainability in education and the broader society.
EADM 582 (3) Leadership for Change: Systems, Innovation, and Reform
Broad overview of the study of systems, innovation, and reform in organizations by examining a range of theories and models of change.

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